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                                                         Literal Jade - Metaphorical Jade                  

Jade is literally a family (in the sense of  "group") of rocks. Jade is also a metaphor used especially in the history and traditions of China from ancient times to today.

The original rock family contains a mineral called tremolite or actinolite (they are much the same) as necessary component and after that almost any mineral or chemical could be added, even organic chemicals. This tremolite-actinolite kind of jade, the traditional jade of China is also called nephrite.

Jade has also been a metaphor for virtue in Ancient China. The "Book of Changes" says "Jade is Heaven". Confucius bestowed many human virtues on jade and the Emperor Quianlong (pronounced "chi" anlong) in his "Song of the Jade Bowl" even wondered if jade has feelings. That poetry is inscribed inside the most famous and (arguably) largest stone bowl on record.

Jade could be considered as the first projective psychological test in history preceding the Rorschach, Draw-a-Man etc. by many centuries. Some people project their feelings and ideas onto blank pages or incomplete sentences or inkblots. Others project them onto the limitless colours and patterns of jade.

The Mount Thom Jade Escarpment

Mount Thom (pronounced Tom) in British Columbia has a riverside escarpment which seems to be the largest nephrite jade deposit on Earth. Beyond the facts of earth sciences, how imaginative are you?

What if we were to turn the Promontory Community of Mount Thom into a 2012 "Monte Carlo of North America"? What if we were to ___________? Imagination is the only limit on what can be done with that site. To participate in the discussion of possibilities, send an email to

Do a web search on Sandon, a  British Columbia ghost town from the late 1800's dubbed "The Monte Carlo of North America". The Thom Jade Escarpment has (assay-confirmed) gold, silver and platinum in its ore body. It also has (unconfirmed) graphitic nodes with micro-diamond nuclei from its mantle origin deep below the ocean floor which migrated hundreds or thousands of miles laterally over millions or billions of years to arrive at Mount Thom. Should our "Jade Palace" be the centre of a New Monte Carlo?

Or should we make it into the best rock garden in the world, better than Butchart Gardens in Victoria? That is not so difficult.


What could First Nations peopIe do the with the escarpment? 

Jade Palace

How shall we write the fortune cookies for the Mount Thom Jade Palace?